Q : Can I trade in my car at your showroom?
A : Yes. We will try our best to get a better valuation for your existing vehicle when you purchase a Proton from us.

Q : Where can I park when I visit your showroom?
A : We have special allocated lots for customers in front of our showroom. We believe that we should do everything possible for our customer’s comfort.


Q : What is the waiting list for a Proton?
A : For high demand vehicles the waiting list is approximately 1-3 months. The sales advisors will be best at providing you the estimated delivery time from Proton plant.


Q : What is the deposit needed and the downpayment?
A : Proton regulation requires a minimum deposit of Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand (RM1,000). The downpayment will depend on the loan amount taken. Finance companies provide a loan to a maximum of 90% of the car value to qualified buyers.


Q : When I cancel my order, can I get a refund on my deposit?
A : With a valid and reasonable explanation, we will apply for a refund for you.


Q : Can I test drive a Proton at your showroom?
A : At the moment no. We are sorry.


Q : What do I need to prepare for loan application? Who applies for the loan?
A : We will need copies of your Income Tax Return, Identity Card and possibly your bank statement. We will let you select from our panel of Finance Companies and we will apply for the loan on your behalf. It’s that EASY!